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20 Lessons learned from a No-Buy Bag challenge

I wish I could sit here and tell you that my challenge is over...

After completing 21 one days of no-buy bag challenge, I'm here to say-

This is only the beginning.

I have spent a lot of time and money collecting my bags. And yes I have more than 21!

Bags are my passion and obsession, but this can sometimes lead to overspending, impulse buying and regret.

After a successful 2020 no buy year, I relapsed. I blame Covid.

So for the past 3 years I have indulged myself and built my bag related business-

Edinburghblooms & Luxury Bag Heaven.

Was I happy during those 3 years? Yes!

Was I feeling guilty? Yes...

Do I have any regrets? Yes and no.

Here is my reset button/confession after completing 21 days No-Buy Bag Challenge:

1. You need good support/friend(s) to keep you on track.

This was my friend P. from Instagram.

I wouldn’t have begun, continued or finished this challenge without her.

2. You need a time frame, although 21 days is just the top of the iceberg, it’s a start.

3. I’m aiming for 6 months. You might want to do a full year to save up and actually regain control.

4. You need to have something to save up to. I would be struggling not to spend otherwise. Maybe your brain is wired differently? Mine needs a goal.

5. People will be inspired by you or…be appalled by have many bags you own.

6. Some bags will annoy you and you’ll be wondering why you got them at all. It will be

a sign to LET THEM GO.

7. Some bags will remind you of how much you LOVE them.

8. You will still want to buy a bag EVERY DAY.

9. Not all bags are perfect and practical. It doesn’t mean you need to get rid of them.

10. Buying does give you a ‘’High’’, you might find you are missing it. A lot.

11. Reading and following similar minded accounts/bloggers will really help you.

12. You will save money, Perk.

13. You would start a mental list of what you’d like to get, but you don’t NEED to get.

14. You would realise you have more than enough.

15. You would still WANT more.

16. You’ll realise you are a Bag Addict, but there are worse things in life.

17. Hence, you need to think positively and remember why you’re doing this to begin with.

18. Make clear rules, of what you can buy. I found it easier to not buy at all.

19. 21 days is just a start, don’t give up.

20. Enjoy and record every day. If you made in past the 21 days- nothing is stopping you.

Here are some useful vidoes that really opened my mind:


You can find my challenge on my Instagram account.

Thank you for listening,


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