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Get a free bag from Louis Vuitton?!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There is well kept secret about Louis Vuitton, would you like to know it?

LV gives you a free bag/pouch when you purchase a Neverfull!

Free? Yes, free.

It is a pouch you can use in your bag, as a clutch or....

You can convert it. Into a bag.

With Luxury bag heaven's conversion kit

You enjoy a new type of bag to be worn on the shoulder or as a cross body.

You will receive a liner with a pocket for small items / phone,

Conversion screw &

Golden/silver chain.

I am so excited about this free bag that I decided to offer this conversion kit at an affordable price. In fact, I refuse to over price it like the competition...!

Please watch my vidoe and be ready to transform and claim your new bag from Louis Vuitton.


Moria ❤

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