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How to Repair your Louis Vuitton bag-Guide 2024

Updated: Jan 17

I wanted to share my love of preloved and vintage Louis Vuitton bags with you.

One of the ways I care for my preloved and older bags is by repairing them.

I don't do it myself..

Here is my handy guide to

How to get you LV bag repaired by...LV.

This is all from personal experience and I am based in the UK in 2023.

I have used both of the following methods to repair my:

Neverfull GM & PM, Pochette Accessories and Sac Shopping.

Method 1

In store

If you live close by to a Louis Vuitton boutique, you can bring your bag into the store.

I recommend making an appointement or speaking to your SA beforehand.

Your bag will be examined, a repair cost will be provided and if agreed, you will pay it.

You will then sign a repair request and your bag will be sent to France.

Repairs can take upto 16 weeks, sometimes longer. Mine took about 12 weeks.

Once your item has been sent back to the boutique, you'll receive a text and you'll need to collect it. The item should be presented in a new dust bag and a thank you note.

Method 2


This is relatively new way for wish me luck.

I downloaded the LV (Louis Vuitton) app and signed in with my online account.

It has brought up all my previous purchases and repairs history.

At MyLV tab I chose ''My care services''->

Request a new repair->

I had to write a description of the repair and bag style and add required photos.

I then have been asked to send further photos, item's age (date code picture), item's number (easily googled and available on the LV website as the reference number of each item they make) and purchase history. If it was a gift and not a direct purchase, you can respond with that information.

The quote was uploaded to the app and I needed to confirm that I wanted to go ahead with it.

Once confirmed, I received a shipping label as well as repair order form.

The form needs to be added to your item and the label attached to the outside of the box.

You're requested to drop the parcel off and from there is will be sent to London, then France for repair.

It is my understanding, you'll be asked to pay after the repair has been completed, but before the bag is shipped back to you.

A side note...

You might be find a purchase history with LV will make it easier to access their repair services.

The minimum you'd need is an online account.

I am expecting the bag to be sent back to me once repaired.

Here is a before picture, I asked for a full the vachetta replacement (all leather parts).

I hope you can find your way around the LV systems and the second method gives you some time to digest and decide if you'd like to go ahead with a repair.

I do feel it is a more comfortable way to process the cost of the repair.

Otherwise, you can always use the first method and then have a look a round the new collection and maybe purchase something while you're in the boutique.

As always, I'm here to help you with keeping your bag clean and protected with my liners

Good luck!

Moria x

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