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How to Save money for a luxury bag (Christmas edition)

"Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you're doing well."

Karl Lagerfeld

We are all about bags here...aren't we?

So how do we make a ''Bag Dream'' come true in time for Christmas?

If you're anything like me, you would probably be planning to get a bag or something bag related for Christmas. You might be lucky to receive that something from your family/partner.

Alas, my husband is NOT a bag gifter.

So I have to work it out myslef.

Christmas is a very good reason to treat ourselves and as it happens, most of my bag aspirations start awaking around the last quarter of each year.

It's now or never, my brain shouts.

A similar process might occur when it is your birthday...How I wish mine was on the 25th of December!

So how do we save in time for that luxury dream bag?

There are many techniques, but mine is a now or never so I recommend switching gear in...November.

1. Start by assesing your collection or current bags

Are there bag(s) that might have had enough and are better off in a new home?

Then sell them, all money from the sale is to be kept in the Christmas bag purchase pot.

2. If you know what bag you want, how much does it cost?

Can you get it for less??

I know we all want that shiny new bag, but really, some preloved bags can be bought for a fraction of the RRP full price. Leaving you enough to purchase the liner to keep it protected.

3. Are you buying a new bag or preloved?

If new, go into the boutique and check it from all angles, try it out.

Now that you know how much it costs, you have a goal in mind.

A little hint: if buying preloved, wait as long as you can, some eager sellers might drop the price even further closer to Christmas.

4. Oh the boring part now, SAVE UP.

I am aiming for at least one month of some hardcore saving, wish me luck...

Aim for a number like 30/45 days. Put it in your calander or even set a countdown on your phone.

This is the time to be strict and act like an adult, knowing there will be a reward, but it's not to be bought until the end of ''Operaton Saving''.

In this time you would have chosen your next bag and it's a bit of a waiting game.

Hint: don't get side tracked with (cheaper or) other bags! You'll end broke and kicking yourself for not getting what you really wanted!!

5. Have faith

Although it's only a limited amount of time, temptaion is still there and you will feel it's hard work. You might also panic and worry your bag won't be yours by the time your saving period is finished. So I'm telling you to have faith in the process, knowing your luxury bag will be yours.

6. Enjoy your bag

You worked hard, earned and saved the money and you deserve it.

There should be no guilt, because you followed a process and made it to the logical end with a beautiful new bag. Make sure you use it, don't let it sit on the shelf.

This process can be applied for any luxury purchase, for any special occassion.

As always, I'm here to help you to preserve this special bag, so tell me what you got and I'll be able to assists you.

Happy saving,

Moria x

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