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Magic in a bottle, for bags.

Caring for your beloved bags is essential not only to preserve their value but to ensure they are looking great for as long as possible. As a fellow bag lover I know just how important you bags are and went in search for the best possible products to help preserve your beauties.

Introducing Luxury Bag Heaven bag care products, designed especially for luxury bags and even tested on my very own collection (of Louis Vuitton, Chanel lamb skin, Longchamp leather and more).

All made in the UK, for bags.

This range allows you to clean, nourish and waterproof your bags safely and with every 2 products purchased you will receive my application hand made mitten, worth £9. All of these products are designed to work together to keep your bags looking beautiful and keeping your investment intact. The perfect gift for any bag lover!

I would advise that every bag should be protected against the UK elements, with the waterproof spray. This will help keep your brand new bag looking new for longer, and give your vintage bags an even longer lifespan.

If you love Louis Vuitton, you probably have experienced the dread of the water marks on your new or vintage bags. The Vachetta & Leather Clear Waterproof cream as made with this problem in mind. It is here to do the super hero job of waterproofing Vachetta & leather bags.

Stains can really age a bag and if your bag is in need of a clean or you’ve recently bought pre-loved and are looking to restore your bag I would recommend the Gentle Leather & Vachetta Cleaner. This is a multitasker, which smoothes out as it blends in old stains. To use you simply add via a sponge, then wipe dry. Ideal for accidental spills or even just a regular clean to keep your bags looking as amazing as they day you got them.

It's important to take extra care when it comes to caring for vintage bags as they may be more delicate and require special attention. Gently nourishing the leather/vachetta on your bag, with my carefully designed Luxury Bag Leather Cream Conditioner you can help to restore its natural oils, prevent cracking, and keep it looking beautiful.

Finally, we have the practical and super cute mitten, designed for regularly buffing and applying cream to your bags - without getting your hands covered in the process. Once used this double sided mit just pops in the washing machine at 30 so it can be used again and again. This mit (worth £9) comes free with every 2 care products purchased.

Don’t forget to care for your luxury bags, we also recommend you store your bags properly, when not in use. Always in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Stuffing your bags with our shaper pillow can help maintain their shape, avoid creases and avoid any sagging.

If you have any questions about caring for your bags I am happy to help. Just drop me a message!

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