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Making a liner for my mother

Although my mother is not into designer luxury bags (I tried...), she loves to sew and taught me the basics herself. So when I asked if she wanted anything to cheer her up before her operation, she said " a liner". I was actually surprised but also delighted I can make her something myself.

She is very much into Kipling backpacks so that was her request. She measured it all like a pro (although I own the same bag) and I am going to send it to her soon.

I also found a beautiful Scottish cashmere brand named SXP Designs so that would be her second present post-op. Now I just need her to heal fast. She is a big pillar of support in my brand Edinburghblooms.

So thank you Mama for teaching me how to sew and for all your support.

Love, Moria.


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