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Mulberry Bag Repair Guide

I have been venturing into the preloved market in the last few years and I'd like to share how easy and fruitful my expericence with Mulberry repair service was.

Below is my Lily's postman lock BEFORE any repairs:

This is not my 1st Mulberry bag, but it is my first experince repairing it with Mulberry.

Thie is my own personal repair journey, so please use it as a guide to help you with yours.

This vidoe expalins everything that I'll be sharing in this blog, feel free to watch it before reading.

1. First method is to go online and access their repair page on

Follow the steps, you might find it will take several emails to clarify your request and expectations. I was lucky enough to live near a Mulberry Boutique, hence below is my own experience.

2. Second method is to go into a Mulberry store or retailer and have a conversation about your bag.

I was asked to explain when I bought it, because I believe your bag is free to repair if you bought it less that 2 years ago.

Since mine was preloved, they put that down in their system before submitting the form myself and the SA have filled out in store.

I was told, after they spaek to the repair team, I would need approve the cost. But since I already knew the cost, I gave the SA the OK to approve it without further communication.

My full, 3 parts replacement of the Lily postamn lock was priced at 80 GBP in 2023.

Not bad eh?

Time frame quoted for the repair was quoted 16 weeks, but it came back after 3 weeks!!

So after 3 weeks, the SA called and I was asked to pay via a secure link.

I received my Mulberry Lily beautifully wrapped with a new dust bag.

Although I was invited to come back into the store to collect it, I opted for a courier delivery, which was kindly complimentary.

Overall my impression of the repair and communication involved was VERY good and I would recommend it to any bag owner. A full list of repairs available are here in this guide.

As always, my bag organiser is available to be purchased for your Lily or other

Alongside, you can clean and treat your bag with my Leather Bag Care.

I hope this guide was helpful?

I wish you good luck with your bag repair journey,

Moria x

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