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Taking care of your luxury bags

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Buying a classic, designer bag is something you will never regret. Trends may come and go but core pieces only get more desirable as they age. With so many designers increasing their prices, combined with the scarcity of some bags, buying a designer bag can be an investment piece, as well as a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. With the rising cost of living it’s more important than even to take care of our most prized possessions. Not to mention the sustainability of buying items designed to last so that they go be passed from one generation to the next.

Buying designer ensures quality and longevity but sadly bags are not indestructible. A handbag is arguably the most impactful accessory a woman can own. At Luxury Bag Heaven I help preserve your precious beauties, with handmade organisers/inserts and shapers to keep your bags on point for as long as you need them.

Designer bags are a statement piece to any outfit and with that can come a hefty price tag, so it's an absolute must that you preserve this investment. Accidents DO happen but with my bespoke products you can enjoy your bag, safe in the knowledge it is protected as much as possible.

I have been sewing since I was 14 years old and everything I create is hand sewn to fit your measurements. My hand sewn bag inserts not only provide support but they help keep everything organsised. No more rummaging for your key or favourite lipstick. Inserts come with customer pocket numbers and you can even choose your favourite colour of heart for inside.

We are all guilty of stuffing our bags full or casting aside empty when not in use and this can quickly force your bag to lose its trademark shape. When it comes to bag storage my pillow shapers are your best friend. These beautifully designed cushions are made to fit your specific bag type and help keep your bag in beautiful shape - quite literally!

My business was built on a passion for stunning bags and I care about your bags as much as you do. I love nothing more than chatting about all things bags and as a small business I have the time to dedicate to ensuring your order is perfect for you. I believe any bag deserves a perfect fitting organiser/liner. One that is made with love in Scotland, to order and shipped all the way into your beloved bag.

If you have any questions about bags it's a topic I will never get bored of! I can help with your beautiful bag, I make a variety of products and I am sure I can assist you with any bag issue just drop me a message!

And here are some quaestions I get asked a lot, so let me explain.

Why buy designer?

Designer bags become more sought after with age, making them an investment and not just a wardrobe accessory. Bags can be passed from generation to generation. Keeping them in great condition is a no brainer to preserve the value.

Why buy a liner for your bag?

How often have we ended up with a bag covered in makeup inside? I’m sure we’ve all been there. We lead busy lives and throw in our phones etc without thinking. Having a good quality liner not only protects your bag from accidental spills but it can help give all your essentials a home. Liners are custom made so you can let me know what works best for you.

What do pillow shapers do?

A beautiful bag collection deserves to be shown so it’s important to rotate your favourites. When your bags are not in use they can lose their coveted shape. A pillow shaper allows your bag to maintain its structure so that when it's back in use it looks perfect!

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