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Welcome to LBH


I have some exciting news to share with you - 

It has been on my mind for the last few weeks to share how Edinburghblooms is growing and evolving.

How from a hobby it has grown into a business, bringing joy to myself and many of my customers. 

It wouldn't have been possible without you all. Because my purpose is to bring more bag accessories into life and help all bag lovers out there. And I am only able to do it with your support. 

So here it goes, a new bag baby is born and I decided to name it...

Luxury Bag Heaven, or LBH in short.

@luxurybagheaven on Facebook and Instagram

It is connected to Edinburghblooms and they live together as a family on the new domain 

And I am their mother, proud, protective and overjoyed!

Edinburghblooms will never be alone again, because LBH is here to add fun products and accessories to support the organisers it creates. 

And they are both my babies, that I am so happy to see grow.

I hope you can let LBH into your hearts, as you did with Edinburghblooms. Because you cannot beat a good organiser combined with a useful bag shaper. And together they can offer that.

Together they bring peace to you and your bag. They fulfil the love and care you have for your bags with my bespoke accessories. So the new domain is a place where we show some love to our handbags together. 

Will you join me there?

Moria x

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