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Where to buy Luxury in the UK Safely?

I have been collecting luxury bags since 2017 and have been a memeber of many UK bag groups. My first and foremost addiction is preloved and vintage Louis Vuitton bags. Unfortunately I can't afford buying them from new!

So I had to educate myself and find the gems hidden amongst the groups, sellers and apps. Those diamonds that would cost a fraction of their retail price.

I wanted to make this quick and easy guide on where to buy Luxury bags Safely in the UK.

My go to seller is my friend Yan Tulloch, she is known for her Live Sales and excellent value designer goods. ALL AUTHENTIC, of course.

Designer de amore is her brand name and you can reach out to her, follow her and support another woman and mother in business. She is also based in Edinburgh, while doing her remarkable charity work in the Philippines.

Secondly, my pride and joy, my own Facebook group - The Luxury Bag Heaven Group

There you can find other like minded ladies, who buy and sell privately. Please make my day by joing to this growing group.

This takes me to my Co - Admin on my group, Karen Hunter who is another go to Scottish seller, working through her business, PreLoVed and Fabulous.

I highly recommend her vintage items.

Thirdly moving into Instagram & Online, the force of natue Jade Maclaren, Addicted to Handbags, yet another Scottish seller!

Jade has a tempting Instagram account as well as a website.

Lastly, if you feel confident and knowledgeable, after watching Youtube vidoes or buying for a while, I love a good browse on Vinted and Ebay...Especially late at night.

If ever in doubt, I highly recommend Dr. Runway for authenticaion, and always pay by


I hope this helps and i would love to see what you got that might require some TLC with a good fitting liner and Pillow by (me :-))

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