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This base shaper will fit perfectly into your bag and is so lightweight that you won't even know it's there!


It will simply sits discreetly under your organiser and works relentlessly.

Made out of the same sturdy luxury felt as your organiser, plus secret and strong filling.


Choose this one for your bag size: Mulberry Lily, , Mini, regular or Medium size.

Mini size is 13 cm at the base

Regular size is 21 cm at the base

Medium size is 28 cm at the base



You will feel the benefit of leveling this style bag and making it easier to find things inside it.


We all like our bag organised, but a good support system, provided with the organiser and this base shaper, is a winner.

I now also offer the chain wrap to store and protect your chain.


*Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose

Base Shaper for Regular/Medium Lily by Luxury Bag Heaven UK