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The classic design of the Camera bag by Chanel, has been made in several designs over the years. Due to the leather weight, you might find that the bag is slouchy and floppy.


The different sizes also mean, each liner will be made for your unique bag, so please get in touch if in doubt. Leave me the INTERNAL bag measurements in a note (base length, depth and height) and I'll confirm those with you before I make it.


I recommend one large pocket and it is included in the price.

You can also choose any colour heart complimentary.


And why not add little key clip (available as extra in my shop)?

Extra pockets are also available there.

Bee applique available as well.


You can also spoil this stylish with a bespoke bag shaper pillow. You can choose the medium shaper pillow.

Chanel Camera Bag organiser liner ins