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This Chanel GST protector is made to prevent indentation to the leather. It protects the leather from direct contact with the weight of the big O- rings connecting the chain to the bag, when stored away. Keeping your heirloom for many years to come, looking beautiful.


Please choose from various colours to match your bag leather. Other colours maybe available if you would like to contact me.


This is a unique product to Luxury Bag Heaven, made with care and attention for each bag's needs.


I am also offering a padded, small pillow like version, it will similarly sit under the O-rings and protect the leather underneath. Made of satin like material.


The 2 products work well, it's just a matter of prference. You'll receive a pair of protectros, one for each side of the bag. So only add 1 product of your chosen colour, to your cart.