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This is a unique product, developed with the help of a lovely customer to protect and prevent any rubbing to your woc flap, while in use!


This lightweight FELT protector is placed snuggly around the chain base (under the flap) and prevents any rubbing or long term wear friction to the leather.

Simply tuck in the pointy ends and see how it stays put.


Together with my base enhancer, your woc would last a life time.


I can offer a variety of felt colours, so don't hesitate to contact me and show me your WOC.


It will stay put without damaging the interior of your wallet on chain.


Give your WOC the ultimate VIP treatment by storing it with my:

Chain wrap

Flap Protector

Shaper pillow

Zipper protrector


This will mean it is stored correctly without any stickiness/indentation to your WOC's leather.


Note if purchasing from abroad, please get in touch for a postage quote, which will be significantly less than the one set up at the checkout.

Wallet on Chain WOC Felt Anti Wear Chain Protector