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The Chloe Kamilla East West Tote Bag is perfect for everyday wear and big enough to hold all your daily essentials such as cell phone, wallet, make-up and more.


At the moment I will be offering the size, measuring 37 cm at the base, for other sizes please get in touch through the contact page. Also, please contact me if you'd like the insert for the pouch it comes with.


I can accomodate any colour of inertior with a choice of heart (complimentary), but I recommend the beige/cream. Why not explore 2 colour felt combined? You can just leave me a note if you like this idea and what colours.


You can make it extra comfortable and personalised by adding these to your cart from my shop:

Extra pockets 

Zipped pocket for extra security

Key Clip 

Bottle holder 

Lace trim/pompoms


You'll receive 2 good size pockets and a choice of heart.


Let this organiser keep the bag's inetrior light colour in tact and use with a peace of mind in the years to come.

If you'd like to use this bag in the winter, please consider my rain cover/protector.

This can be made per request for all sizes of bags.


Chloe Kamilla East West Tote bag organiser liner insert