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The Bloomsbury is perfect everyday bag that can easily carry all your essentials comfortably while keeping you looking stylish.


What it lacks is some inside organisation, which my insert can give it, while maximising space.

In this liner you will receive a 1 good size pockets on and a complimentary heart (in most colours or in tartan). If you wish it to be plain, please add a note when checking out.


Choose from my classic colours. Red to match the interior or as a contrast to make the interior less dark.

And why not add little key clip (available as extra in my shop)?

Extra pockets are available too.


This liner is for the PM size, measuring 31 cm at the base, for other sizes please contact Moria.


Celebrate this lovely bag with the insert it requires and keep it clean and organised even when it's full.


Bloomsbury bag organiser liner insert