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The Capucines line takes its name from the Rue des Capucines in Paris, where Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854. Wear the flap on the outside to show the monogram flower, or tuck the flap into the top compartment to reveal the LV initials.


These liners will keep your Capucine bag clean and will provide you with a peace of mind while using this elegant bag.


For this bag I recommend smooth liners, to maximise the space this piece provides.

You'll receive 2 inserts, one for each pocket. Notmal thickness of 3mm felt.


These liners also include a choice of heart (complimentary).

You can request a pocket, but due to space, I recommend it smooth with no pockets.


They are perfectly shaped to fit into this unique trapeze shape.


Now also offering, thinner 1mm felt liners, please bear in mind these are not as structured.

Please choose your style when purchasing, those will not be featuring a pocket, only a heart detail (if desired).



Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose


CAPUCINES liners inserts organisers