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This beautiful pillow is called a shaper for a reason. It keeps the shape of your Keepall from changing, sagging and folding in the long term.

Can you imagine how devastated you will be, if it happens?

So make the right choice today with my shapers.


This size is uniquely made for your Louis Vuitton Keepall.

Please bare in mind that each pillow is made to fit and support YOUR bag.

I can accomodate the Keepall 45, 50 and 55.

And if you'd like the insert as well, find it here.


I sew the perfect fitting shaper for it after researching your bag, in order to find the optimal dimensions for your shaper.


Available in satin or crushed velvet.


Store it wisely in between uses and you'll be able to pass on this beautiful piece of luggage. 

Especially good for older bgas, showing creases and folds in the canvas.


Keepall Shaper Pillow Cushion by Luxury Bag Heave