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Limited edition and highly coveted cherry blossom print of this beautiful Sac Retro.

Comes in several colour print all featuring the beautiful blossom pattern.


Bag measurements are 30 x 9 x 17 tall and comes in



Cream prints


I can accomodate any colour of inertior with a choice of heart (complimentary), but I recommend the beige.


You can make it extra comfortable and personalised by adding these to your cart from my shop:

Extra pockets

Zipped pocket for extra security

Key Clip

Lace trim/pompoms


You'll receive 2 good size pockets and a choice of heart.


Let this organiser keep the bag's inetrior light colour in tact and use with a peace of mind in the years to come. Limited edition pieces are very rare, show them your appreciation and cherish your part in LV history.

Murakami Cherry Blossom Sac Retro Bag Organiser liner Insert