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The Louis Vuitton Papillon was first released in 1966. With its rounded body, the Louis Vuitton Papillon purse is a true shape shifter. Due to this unique shift, I have developed a unique organiser.

It will provide the bag with structure, support, cleanliness and will allow you to see better.


Keep this vintage gem organised and clean with.

Although I do not recommend a pocket, let me know if you'd like one.


In this liner you will receive a perfectly fitted liber and a complimentary heart (in most colours or in tartan). If you wish it to be plain, please add a note when checking out.


And why not make it more personal add little key clip (available as extra in my shop)?

Or any extra pockets.


*Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose



Papillon bag organiser liner Insert