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This ultra rare Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sac Shopping Tote Bag has fashion and functionality all rolled into one. With its classic shape and roomy capacity, it is perfect for taking to the office or going shopping.

It is a very comfortable shopper that will not disappoint on busy days out.


You can make it extra comfortable and personalised by adding these to your cart from my shop:

Extra pockets

Zipped pocket for extra security

Key Clip

Bottle holder

Lace trim/pompoms (Pictured, not included unless you add it to your cart).


You'll receive 2 good size pockets.

The liner will cover up the leather interior and so it will be kept scratch free long term.

This unique product is here to preserve your Sac Shopping, so let it help you.


I recommend the brown or caramel felts for colour match.



*Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose

Sac Shopping Bag organiser liner insert