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Louis Vuitton's Saleya is named after a flower and produce market in Nice, France. Sling it over your shoulder the next time you are going to your local market or office or carry it while running errands.


The MM size is 30 cm at the base. For the PM please get in touch through the contact page.


I can accomodate any colour of inertior with a choice of heart (complimentary).


For the Ebene print please choose red or brown.

For the Azur print ballerine please choose pink, beige or grey.


Shaper pillow is in my shop. The choice is yours to make it last by storing it well for many years to come.


You can make it extra comfortable and personalised by adding these to your cart from my shop:

Extra pockets

Zipped pocket for extra security

Key Clip

Bottle holder

Lace trim/pompoms


You'll receive 2 good size pockets and a choice of heart.


*If you buy the pillow shaper for this bag, please choose the large pillow

Saleya bag organiser liner insert