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The LV Saumur Satchel is a relaxed take on the classic satchel design, with 2 spacious compartments. It can certainly hold all your daily essentials. Made from Louis Vuitton's stunning vintage canvas.


If you love LV then this bag might make you smile. As it offers a lot of space to carry everyday/travel necessities. The liner by Moria will give it the support it needs to stand proud, by offering 2 snug inserts with 2 large pockets on one liner and a choice of heart.


This pair of bag inserts are for the Saumur 35 x 30 x 12 deep bag, if you require the other size, please contact me and kindly check your bag's dimensions before purchasing.



A key clip, bottle holder, extra pockets are all available here.

I recommend the brown or caramel inserts.


Don't forget to moisturise and clean your Saumur with my bespoke bag care products.


Saumur Satchel bag organiser liner Insert