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Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud was named after a district in North West, Paris. It has become a house favorite from the brand. For their Spring/Summer 2007 Collection, Louis Vuitton even released an updated version of the LV St. Cloud in Epi Leather, and it has quickly become a collector’s piece.


This Satchel style featured leatyher interior that is prone to scratches. A well fitted organiser will help you to prolong the longevity of this bag.


You might find the back pcoket is also sticky, due to age, so you can enjoy a pcoket liner as well.


I recommend the caramel colour (for monogram print), but any coulour will support the bag and keep it clean.

You can benefit from a complimentary heart and a phone pocket.


A key clip is available here.


Help to preseve your Louis Vuitton St Cloud and enjoy if for many years to come.

St Cloud bag organiser liner insert