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Lovely fitting liner to support your Cecily bag, available in size medium too from the menu.

Similar to the Lily, but slighly different proportions.

This classic bag deserves it.


I make the shaper pillow for this bag in the shop. So if you want to store your bag and make it last please have a look.


I can also offer my unique chain padded wrap

(Available in the accessories section of the website).


And my latest product, the small bag Satin Base shaper.



This bag comes in 2 sizes, here are the bag dimensions:

Regular 22.5cm wide x 16cm high x 7cm deep

Medium 29.5cm wide x 19.5cm high x 10cm deep


Each organiser come sith a good size pocket and a choice of heart.

*Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose


**If you buy the pillow shaper for this bag, please choose the small/medium pillow.

Cecily bag organiser liner insert