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This protector is made for the Mulberry Lily chain, to prevent indentation to the leather. It protects the leather from direct contact with the weight of the chain, when stored away. Keeping your heirloom for many years to come, looking beautiful.


Please choose from various colours to match your bag colour.

Other colours maybe available if you would like to contact me.


With this the chains will be stored neatly and won't be rubbing the leather. With a velcro closing and an overall softness, avoiding from indentation to the leather. This is a unique product to Luxury Bag Heaven, made with care and attention for each bag's needs.


It is made of 2 kind of felt, to allow flexibility and softness. Unless requested, I will make it with 1 colour of choice , or the closest shades possible to your chosen colour, from both types of felt.


So please don't hesitate to get in touch with your bag's needs.

And you can find the bag organisers here.

Lily Regular / Medium Chain Protector Wrap velcro closure