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The beautiful and supple Calypso bag by YSL is taking over, be warned, you'll fall in love with this elegant and soft bag.


Due to its shape and lining, a liner is highly recommended. It will be providing support to the softening leather after daily use while providing some pockets.


My organiser Comes with one large pocket or 2 smaller and choice of heart (complimentary).


Make it extra comfortable and personalised by adding these to your cart from my shop:

Extra pockets

key clip 


The shaper pillow is also available in this shop (medium shaper). This small yet powerful pillow will keep this leather from sagging and the zipper area from sinking over time.


For other sizes of the Calypso Saint Laurent, please contact me.

This insert is for the large size, measuring 36cm at the base of the bag.


*Please add in comments what colour heart you'd like or if you want me to choose


Saint Laurnt Calypso bag organiser liner Insert