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The Uniqlo bag's 2023 popularity has it joining the ranks of other coveted nylon bags like re edition of Prada and the hard-to-get Lululemon Everywhere bag. I have finally got my hands on this small but mighty Uniqlo shoulder bag to try for everyday or travels.


What it lacks is some structure, which my insert can give it, while maximising space.

In this liner you will receive a 1 good size pockets on and a complimentary heart (in most colours or in tartan). If you wish it to be plain, please add a note when checking out.


Choose from my classic colours. Black to match the interior or beige/cream as a contrast to make the interior less dark.

And why not add little key clip (available as extra in my shop)?

Extra pockets are there too.


Celebrate this lovely bag with the insert it requires and keep it shaped even when it's full.

Use the space wisely and have everything in plain sight without compromising on the space this Moon bag provides.


Especially useful, if you own a few of this bag and can then move my insert around them all.


If you'd like to maintain a slouchy feel to the bag WITH my insert, please let me know so I can advise on the best colour of felt for this.


Uni qlo Mini rounded shoulder bag organiser liner insert