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This Niki Classic bag by Y S L deserves to be kept clean and tidy.

My smooth organisers will provide support to this style bag and no more excess pockets and extra folds of felt that take away from the space of the bag.


You'll enjoy a pocket for your phone and smaller items and a choice of a heart is complimentary as always, so please leave your preferred colour for it in the notes.


Key clip is available in my shop.

Let your bag be used in a better manner by adding this to your cart.


Choose between, main larger compartment liner or choose two liners (for the front pocket as well).


And why not spoil your bag with a bag shaper pillow?

Please choose the large size and

You'll receive 2 shapers, one for each pocket.


You'd be surprised to find out how my shapers make a big difference to your bag's shape and longevity.

Saint Laurnt Niki Bag Organiser liner insert