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New service like no other

Don't you just love a fresh liner?

It can really make your bag a little more special. It might also make you use older and more worn bags with the same excitement as when you first got them.

I know how a good FRESH organiser can do that so I decided to launch my like for like liner replacement service!

You will receive a discounted

replacement liner for the one your originally purchased from me. It can be any colour or style but it needs to be for the SAME bag style you originally bought my insert for.

(Speedy for speedy

Lily for lily

Bayswater for bayswater).

In fact you will receive my wholesale price on your ENTIRE cart. So get it loaded and make the best of this unique promotion. No other company will offer you this...

Why? Because I know how much your bags mean to you and it makes me happy to be a part of it😊

Shop now on:

Moria ❤️

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