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This service offers a bespoke Bag Carrier for travelling safely with your Chanel bag/WOC.



If you require a bit of extra protection for your beautiful Chanel bag, keeping it away from dust and is your answer!

It's not easy to travel with an expensive bag, so I came up with this clever travel carrier with the help of a clever customer.


You'll receive a well fitting FELT carrier, that will be made to for YOUR Chanel bag.

It features the same quality felt as your bag organiser, 2 handles and a small flap closure.

It's a grab and go while keeping your bag protected inside.


Price depends on size:

Small is suitable for mini, small flap and wallets and WOC.


Medium is suitable for Chanel medium flap bag, Bucket bag, camera bag, Boy and more.


Large is suitable for totes like the Jumbo, GST, Medallion and more.



If in doubt, please make my day and send me a picture of your bag.


Remember that a dust bag service is also available, here.

Bag Carrier/ Travel carrier to fit CC bags