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Fighting against Women's abuse one bag butler at a time

I have decided to part with my preloved speedy and donate the canvas to be re-purposed. This limited edition Murakami 2003 Speedy 30 multicoloured from my collection.

Part of the sale will be donated to Women's Aid, because this speedy has a sad story...It was partially slashed by an abusive ex of the lady who sold me this bag 😢 (not mine!)

So I decided to give this bag's precious material a new purpose, fighting against abuse one symbol at a time!

I could harvest 13 LV and the rest is flowers and stars. They are all so unique and no bag butler (hook) would be repeated. Due to the colours of the print and combination with various hook metals.

The more you buy the more I can donate. So I need your help...

Thank you

Moria ❤

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