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How my mother got me into sewing?

I owe my mother everything, but seeing that sewing is my main occupation, let's talk about that. International Women's day has inspired me to share how I got into sewing.

Although there is nothing glamorous about the technical side of sewing, I get to connect to the luxury pieces I sew for. It is when the finished piece steps into the bag, then the sewing magic happens. Like beautiful clothes, but from within.

When I was child

When I was little my mother always used to sew for me, clothes and other items, though not often, they are memorable to me.

So when I became a teenager, with flare for fashion, I asked her to teach me.

She signed me to a local sewing summer class and guided me along the way. We never looked back, in fact on her last visit, she brought me one of my furry jackets I made. That was a trip down memory lane...

Laying the foundation

It was she that taught me how to make a bag organiser, unintentionally it became my business. She wasn't thinking about bag organisers, but she in fact laid the foundation for me to be creating them. I remembered this lesson from her when I made my first LV Speedy and Neverfull organiser in 2020.

Mother always knows best

Although I left sewing for quite some time, the birth of my second child has brought me back. And again, it was her, that suggested I should get a cheap machine and start making thigs again. Forward 2 years, on her last visit, she offered advice and cheered me on. She also told me that I work too hard! I guess they always know better. So I am here to thank her, for showing me the ropes and helping me express my artistic side through sewing for Edinburghblooms and Luxury Bag Heaven.

Final thought

We don't always know where our destiny lies, but sometimes our mother might have a clue. I am so glad I listened and I am now able to combine my love to bags and sewing.

Thank you for reading,


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